Diesel Tech Truck Repair Team


Diesel Tech Truck Repair is owned and operated by Darren Rivet, a skilled journeyman turned successful entrepreneur. Diesel Tech Truck Repair was established in the industrious West Edmonton area in October 1999.

Starting with four employees and two service bays, Diesel Tech has boomed into a small multi-million-dollar company with over 20 employees and 15 service bays within just five years! This enormous expansion has allowed Diesel Tech to be even more competitive with larger dealerships, opening a niche for truck owners that are reluctant to pay dealership prices. We are your choice for a trusted, experienced and expert diesel mechanic in Edmonton.

Darren has three distinct businesses within Diesel Tech: Truck Repair, Performance and Diesel Tech Industries Ltd. The truck repair business is largely what Diesel Tech is all about and the basis for Darren to open shop, while Performance and DTI Ltd. are newer additions, and are only now becoming more recognized and demanded by the general public.